Friends & Family to be released soon!

'Friends & Family' will soon be released. Here is a sneak-review of the album's artwork. It has now gone in for mixings and
mastering by the amazing Paul Hogg, before being distributed worldwide on the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc.
And there's even more news! The track numbers kept on increasing as one track was being added after another in order to dedicate songs to as many friends & family as possible. However, it got to the point where there were too many for a single album, so Friends & Family now becomes a "Friends & Family Volume 1" with Volume 2 to come out later this year or early next year.
I haven't decided yet whether Volume 2 will, like Volume 1, be "non-electric guitar" or a mix of electric and acoustic-led tracks. I am currently thinking it will be a mix. 5 of the tracks for Volume 2 are already completed and another 6 will be written and recorded to make up what now seems to be my regular target of 11 tracks on each album.
I'm thinking of releasing the Volume 1 track list out soon, so those to whom the tracks are dedicated, can see their names in lights! But worry not if you aren't on the track list. It stands a good chance you will be included on Volume 2, which has already been set it stone "dedicatee wise", so you could be there already waiting to be mixed and mastered. And who wouldn't want that!
Stay safe x

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