New Beneva Album

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It’s been a little while since my last news item, but I’ve been busy with various music projects. Firstly, the new Beneva album has started with ‘BEN’ett and ‘EVA’ns self-penned songs - and I’m recording with them at Coventry’s Moonbase Studio. We’re continuing this week, mixing the first two tracks recorded. It been, so far, a very productive process and the songs have evolved considerably with some excellent writing from Malc & Nathan plus some inspirational evolution of them in the studio, from all three of us. Read More...

Drunk & Orderly

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Well, all things considered, things didn’t go too badly. Of course, as always, I couldn’t sing, but fortunately nobody seemed to care!
Malc Evans very kindly played cajun on a couple of numbers, whilst Microstu videoed the evening - so please look out for the DVD in a month or two. In the meantime, you can find a few “home taken” videos on Facebook. Read More...

Nearly There

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The P!$$ed Up Steve gig, at the Maudlsay in Coventry (27th April 2012) all started whilst having some banter at work regarding my new 3-string cigar-box, combined with my drinking habits. I texted Malc on the spur of the moment, asking if I could do a Seasick Steve tribute at DTTV - and on receipt of an affirmative text from Malc, the die was cast!
I busied myself getting together a bunch of SsS’s songs from his two alums I own - “Dog House Music” and “I started out with Nothin and I’ve still got most of it left”. Read More...