New single release for October

Monday is calling 400x400x72
Hot on the heels of the album release, Skidders' third single rom the album is being released 10th October 2022.
'Monday Is Calling' is an electric guitar instrumental dedicated to friends, David & Siân Bristoll and Margaret Davies. It's also one of my favourite tracks from the album. David is free Mondays, Siân is a household engineer and Siân's mother, Margaret is retired. That makes for some great Monday outings including National Trust visits followed by picnics with wine induced shenanigans (see the single's artwork) or lunch at some lovely pubs. Either way, we're in for a treat when we meet up. When I completed my second album, 'Friends & Family', I knew I would have to produce another, volume 2, for lovely friends like these who were not on the first volume. In fact, I still have so many lovely friends and family members for whom I did not write a composition for, but rather than a "volume 3", I am starting work on 'Feckem Hall' whcih be a much more raw album, geared towards playing live (e.g. how could I play 'Masala Magic' live without a bhangra band!).

Hoping all is well in your world since I last did a news update. Y'all take care now!

To see more information on the single, David, Siân and Margaret, please visit the 'Friends & Family Vol. 2' page here…