New Stories by Kylolus

You may or may not have heard of the music writer Kylolus, but you I'm sure you've heard of The Cotswold's very own Andrew James (see detail of my latest single 'I Wonder'). Kylolus is actually Murray Edmunds, also from Andrew's neck of the woods, Chipping Norton. Although not a performing artist per se, he writes original songs and instrumental music with rock or ethereal influences. He says:

"I enjoy working with local singers and studio producers to develop these recordings, and I am always happy to hear from other artists seeking to adopt original material, or wanting to collaborate with the origination of melody or lyrics.
Thank you for visiting my page; I hope that you will find some songs here that connect with you. Most are ballads that describe the everyday challenges, aspirations, regrets or triumphs that life brings to all of us. The lyrics are shown in the info section for each of the songs."

Check out New Stories and Kylolus' other music here…

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