New Single and release date for Friends & Family Vol 1

Peter Rutins
Track 1 of "Friends & Family" will be 'Powerful Pierre' dedicated to my late but very, very great friend, Peter Rutins. Peter had a motor
bike Collection that matched or even exceeded my guitar collection, in terms of numbers. We worked together at a computer company, but he later left and did his Yachtmaster qualifications, enjoying sailing around the likes of the Solent, where he lived close to. With his love of motor bikes, he bought "Armours" - a company making stainless steel exhausts etc for vintage motor bikes. Armours are world famous and I made his first company website. He ran this company right up until he became ill and we very sadly lost Peter. Peter was my fishing partner and we had many amazing outings. He was also one of the funniest people I have known - his humour spared no mercy for the subject in question. I miss him dearly.
So I am releasing, before the album release (now confirmed as 4th May 2021), 'Powerful Pierre' as a single in his honour, 1st March. I hope you will like it - I hope Peter would have liked it.

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