Bukechi debut album Master

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Monday saw the finalised Master of Welcome to Suburbia. Bukechi is the mother ship band of Skidders, where he writes and performs alongside Sammi Houston. The album has been over three years in the making and is set for a release date on iTunes of 6th July 2009.

This coincides with the birth of Sammis second daughter and she will be taking time out, with the next Bukechi gig planned for the Summer of 2010. In the meantime, Welcome to Suburbia will be promoted and Bukechi hope success will follow the hard work, time and TLC put into its making.
There are songs on there Sammi has written quite a few years back; some recent ones I have written; and some jointly-written songs; said Skidders.
Theres even a really funky version of Anatashas U Got Me which Sammi sings so well, I defy anyone not to start tapping their feet or wanting to get up and dance.
For more information see www.bukechi.co.uk

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