New Single!

Released today 1st December, my new single has now been mastered by the highly talented sound engineer, Paul Hogg.
Started exactly 2 years ago to the day, "Nanu Nanu" is a Rockabilly tribute to both Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll - and believe it or not, my mother-in-law - Thelma O'Brien. I must say I am probably one of the more fortunate of son-in-laws, as Thelma is originally from India and cooks amazing curries! She's also extremely kind hearted and a better mother-in-law, no one could wish for.
I also have to take my hat off to Elvis Presley - I have not always been a great fan, but have leaned towards his music recently, particularly as I listen to more musical roots.
"Nanu Nanu" is available to purchase from iTunes, Spotify and on most other digital streaming outlets.
A huge thanks must go out for some wonderful people who helped me finish the single off to a level I couldn't have achieved by myself. Firstly to Hannah Tobin for some lovely rock 'n roll / boogie woogie piano (at which she excels); percussion from the highly talented (usually singer & keyboard player) Andrew James; and last but certainly not least, Paul Hogg for mastering and making the music sound at least twice as good!
Finally, don't forget to check out Nanu Nanu video on YouTube.

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