Skidders' Latest News !

Claptout & Acoustic at Cox's

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Malc Evans & I are performing with top Crowded House tribute band Crowded Out at Coxys Yard on Saturday 17th October, 8:15pm.
We will be choosing the best selection from Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album and then enjoying a full-band set from Crowded Out. Close your eyes, and you won’t tell them apart from the original artists. Read More...

Mr & Mr C Session

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The latest Skidders project is a one-off only session at Ditch the TV, Friday 25th September, held at:-
The Maudslay Pub
190 Allesley Old Road,
West Midlands
CV5 8GJ

Bukechi debut album Master

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Monday saw the finalised Master of Welcome to Suburbia. Bukechi is the mother ship band of Skidders, where he writes and performs alongside Sammi Houston. The album has been over three years in the making and is set for a release date on iTunes of 6th July 2009. Read More...

Supporting Roger Chapman

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Skidders and Malc Evans Claptout & Acoustic tribute to Eric Clapton’s Unplugged session, will be supporting the band Family’s Roger Chapman, 3rd May 2009 at the Robin2. Here are details from the Robin2 website:- Read More...

Vote for Anatasha!

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Number one daughter, Anatasha, recently entered the UNIs Got Talent 2009 competition at her University, De Montfort in Leicester, where she is in her 3rd year of a Law degree. UNIs Got Talent is traveling around UKs Universities, videoing then uploading on their website, the various talents. And we would really appreciate if you voted for her. Read More...

Beneva gig plus new guitar!

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An all-too rare Beneva gig comes up this Thursday at the Hare & Hounds, Birmingham. More info soon, but the gig will raise money fore an Epilepsy charity. From Beneva’s pont of view, this is most certainly dedicated to the late Rachel who was a great fan and tragically died earlier this year, which was related to epilepsy. Read More...

Oxjam - 6th Feb

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Fun and Music at the Kasbah! Cheap drinks and a Cheap night out at £3.50 which includes entry into the club-night. Read More...


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Skidders just cannot put his new resonator, bought mainly for Eric Clapton Unplugged duo Claptout & Acoustic (Skidders is the Claptout half, Malcolm Evans, the acoustic). Read More...

New Website

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Skidders website has been updated to include news feeds, a new home page and rearrangement of music samples etc.

Any feedback would be most welcome please, to