Just Boozin' with Mrs Skidders!

Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 22.41.01
It’s a wrap! Skidderslectric is now finished after some fun video shooting at FA Cup winning Footballer, Lloyd McGrath’s, Hawkes Mill Social Club in Coventry this week. And the best part was the superb Tiger Beer!
The video is to accompany the only song on the album with vocals - Just Boozin’ - and can be watched now on the Video page... Steve’s long suffering wife, Terryann, was coerced into singing on it - and a very good job she did too! Unfortunately for Skidders, the videoing meant having to drink copious amounts of the Tiger beer in order to make the filming look as realistic as possible. Art for arts sake!

Paul Hogg has now concluded the mixing - what a fabulous job he has done. The sound just leaps out at you know. Once Mastered, the CDs will be ordered and songs submitted to iTunes, then a release data will be provided. Until then, do please enjoy the video and you might even be able to get a crafty preview of the songs on the Music page...

vbr, Skidders, aka Steve Skidmore x

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