Debut album finished!

Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 22.40.35
Finally, after many years, Skidders' debut album is finished. Eleven self-penned tracks have now been "sealed" and off to Force 8 Record's Paul Hogg for his magical technical touches on what's already sounding to be a great album.
PhotoShootNearNo doubt you will have already heard of Paul from his collaboration with Skidder’s daughter, Anatasha and her self-titled album. Paul also has several chillax albums out on the Force 8 Record label. But it is Skidderslectric this latest news is all about. Started around 2009, the album consists of eleven self-penned songs - all instrumental with the exception of one track called “Just Boozin’” features Skidders’ wife - the long suffering Terryann!

And guess what? This track is all about one of Skidders’ favourite pastimes - drinkin’! The other ten songs are electric instrumentals of rock, blues & jazz genre. Whilst they are off to Paul for ‘mixing’, most of these titles songs will need to be given titles. So, if you have any ideas, why not make me suggestions on Skidders’ Facebook site

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