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…for checking out the 'I Wonder' single page. Released 23rd August 2021, the single will appear on 'Friends & Family Vol. 2', due for release one year after the first 'Friends & Family' album.
I wrote the song for my wife to appear on volume 2, but rather than wait until it's release, I wanted to publish it earlier, hence the single! But as a love song, and with my vocals, I really could not to it justice - hence the addition of Andrew James' incredible vocals. Together with the bass, mixing and mastering of the amazing Paul Hogg, although a simple song, it is one I am most proud of. I thank Andrew & Paul from the bottom of my heart and I really hope you will like it as much as I do.

  • I Wonder

Press Release


3rd August 2021

Andrew James

Andrew is well know in the Cotswold area of England, and kept everyone sane during the COVID pandemic with his "Stay Sane Sessions" performed live on Facebook and YouTube throughout shutdowns. I was honoured to record guitar for some songs of his songs and Andrew reciprocated with some fab keyboards on Bukechi videos. Check out our cover of Bonnie Raitt's beautiful song I can't make you love me that Andrew lit up with his piano.

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AJ, as I call him, has excelled himself with vocals and backing vocals on I Wonder - as he has with drums (his second instrument) and keyboard. He also recorded drums for me on lat year's single Nanu Nanu which really made it rock!

If you haven't listened to AJ's album yet '14, Budapest', you should. It's a superlative album, recorded with the very best session musicians, of course, in Budapest. It is inspired contemporary music and one to put on any of your playlists.
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The album - 14, Budapest

Find Andrew on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @mrandrewjamesmusic

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Paul Hogg

Paul is an amazing musician, producer, sound engineer and most of all, a lovely friend. Not only these virtues, but he also composes and publishes several genres of music under his name and also that of 'The Ox', the latter being amazing electronica and downtempo music.

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Like me, Paul loves his guitars and has a collection any guitarist would be proud of. In fact, I think we both have a bit of a competition going on!
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Paul's latest single 'Lunar'

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All songs were recorded using Logic Pro and using my trusty Martin OMC Aura for rhythm guitars and Taylor nylon string for the short guitar solo. The result was sent over to Andrew as a Logic Pro project, for him to work his magic on the vocals, harmonies, keyboard and drums. Then on to Paul to lay down a bass track better than I ever could, before his own magic of mixing and mastering. After one listen, and one minor adjustment, version 2 was ready to be published, via CD Baby.
I really hope you like I Wonder. Please let me know what you think on social media or via my website's Contact page. So until Volume 2, take care and be safe!

Skidders aka Steve Skidmore

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