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Thank you

…for checking out my Friends & Family page! With the Skidderslectric album, there was a video and PDF with photo-shoot and write-up included on the CD on a multi-media format. For Family & Friends, it’s all included on this webpage, so it hopefully works for you. Pease give any feedback you’d like on this format from the Contact Page.
So the first thing to mention is, I am now releasing two volumes of Friends & Family due to the increased amount of tracks I have written. I am never going to be able to write enough songs for all the lovely friends and family I have or have been privileged enough to have had, so I must finish somewhere! But as the number of tracks rose in line with those lovely friends and family members, I realised there were too many for just one album.
Like Skidderslectric, this latest album has been a long but fulfilling experience - omitting completely any electric guitar. I would say it is not a conventional acoustic album and in places, it goes quite off piste. It’s also typical of me in general - exploring and diversifying many areas rather than sticking to one particular genre, niche or what ever the subject in question offers.
Bukechi, the duo with the lovely Sammi and I - have performed self-penned songs, covers, including the Ella Fitzgerald song book, classic songs for William Shakespeare Theatre and so on. Similarly, I like to have several projects and currently these have ranged from Eric Clapton’s acoustic MTV Unplugged songs, Sea Sick Steve renditions, “me and Mr C”, to instrumental solo performances and collaboration. There’s always a different project to pursue. Currently for me, this is studying jazz guitar.
So back to Friends & Family. Each song is dedicated to someone who has been a big factor in my life one way or another. Straight away I must say, the list is not by any means finite and of course I know I have omitted many special people. You are not forgotten, but I can only write so many songs in a lifetime I am afraid. So to those special people I have missed on this particular album - please look out for Friends & Family volume 2! In all probability, this will be released one year after volume 1.

Press Release

"Over the last several months it has become increasingly harder for creative individuals to find new ways of ex- pression and inspiration, especially when it comes to music creators and artists. But yet some creative individuals have taken the opportunity to use their isolation as a driving force for their creative projects. Introducing Skidders and his new acoustic album “Friends & Family”.
“Friends & Family” is the brand new upcoming full album release from renown rock artist and songwriter Skid- ders. News surrounding the upcoming release of the brand new album has recently been waves amongst the online rock music scene and generating mass media attention due to the artists creative bloom and passion pro- ject which started out as a small idea and loving tribute to those who he holds dear in life. The album is some- thing that we can all relate to as we take the time to reflect on old acquaintance and family that we may not have seen for a long time.
The album first began life as one or two personal songs dedicated to friends and family of the artist and slowly began to develop into a full length album split into 2 parts (Volume 1, Volume 2) which are planned to release separately later this year. Volume 1 is currently set to be composed primarily of acoustic instrumentation, with Volume 2 being a mixture of acoustic and electric instrumentation much like some of the artists earlier work such as the Single “Nanu Nanu” and debut album “Skidderslectric”.
News surrounding the upcoming full album release has already created a small buzz on social media in anticipa- tion its full release, with the artist generating thousands of likes and shares across all of the major social media sites and streaming sites such as Spotify and Youtube. Skidders continues to show no signs of slowing down as he heads further into the year 2021 with creative full force.
Be sure to keep up to date with trending rock artist and songwriter Skidders on his various social media accounts and official blog as he creates new sounds of empowering rock music designed to be both uplifting and inspiring the sound of this SPRING 2021 as we find ourselves reconnecting with those closest to us.
The Album “Friends & Family” is to be released soon on all major streaming platforms. The Album will also be available to purchase on all major digital distribution stores."

2nd February 2021

  • 1. Powerful Pierre
  • 2. Song for Pete
  • 3. Nanu Nanu (Remastered)
  • 4. Nanu Nanu - Instrumental (for Sync)
  • 5. Eh! Eh! Alright! Calm Down! Calm Down!
  • 6. Mary Annie's Song
  • 7. Wedding Guitars (Remastered)
  • 8. Sammi's Song
  • 9. Prince Caleb
  • 10. Tish Tosh Tash
  • 11. Jumpin' George
  • 12. Lotus Flower

The Songs

Track 1 - Powerful Pierre

Dedicated to my late but very great friend, Peter Rutins. He was an amazing friend, had the most wicked sense of humour and my lovely fishing partner. I can no longer go fly fishing and enjoy myself without Peter. I miss him dearly.
Powerful Pierre was released as a single ahead on the album release.

I play Gretsch mandolin, Martin OM Aura guitar and National resonator on this track. It took a bit of editing and moving phrases around to get a pleasing arrangement - I hope you agree!
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Pete on left playing bass. A young Skidders on the right.

Track 2 - Song for Pete

Written and recorded for the “FMN2” concert I organised to raise money for leukaemia research. The concert, as the song, was dedicated to my wonderful best man, Pete Rowland.
When I was playing guitar in a band called White Satin in my teens (still at school), Pete played bass in the band. A few years older than me, Pete came to my school as part of his teacher training which was novel! Always looking up to Pete, he also taught me much of the syllabus from the ‘University of Life’. Pete was very funny but also endearing - it was easy to choose him to be my best man when I married in 1980.

Song for Pete was recorded using a Martin DC-16GTE

Track 3 - Nanu Nanu

I wrote this song or my mother in law, Thelma. Rather than being the archetypal mother in law, she is great fun, can be quite naughty and a great cook! Hard of hearing, mischief is always on the cards when she doesn’t hear correctly and laughter ensues.

I used my Martin OM Aura and some suitably chosen Logic Pro plugins to get a rockabilly sound from my acoustic guitar, which upon first hearing may sound like a Gretsch hollow-body.

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Track 4 - Nanu Nanu (Karaoke)

Version of Nanu Nanu without vocals.

For CDBaby ‘Sync’ use.


Nanu Nanu are you comin’ out tonight?
Well the band is a swingin’ and the moon is shinin' bright.
Come on pretty baby take chance with me,
Come on pretty baby won’t you dance with me.
Nanu Nanu - won’t you come on out tonight?

With the party a swingin’, we can dance all through the night,
We’ll be reelin’ and a rockin’ until the morning light.
There’s a sound in the air, it’s called rock n roll,
Just get in the groove, cause it’s good for the soul.
Nanu Nanu - won’t you come and dance tonight?

Well you dance with a grace,
And you move like a spinnin’ top.
When the band steps it up and you shimmy around,
We'll all be rockin’ and a boppin’ at the hop.

Well, the whole town knows, that jivin’ lives in your feet,
You're the pick of the crop, and they know you can’t be beat.
Come on an’ get out of that rocking’ chair,
With a reelin and a rockin we just don’t care
Nanu Nanu - won’t you come on out tonight?

Well you dance with the moves,
That make all the people hot.
When the band steps it up and you shimmy around,
They’ll get the water bucket out, to make it stop

You’re the best on the floor, and they all know too darn well.
When you shake (a) those hips, we’re gonna have to ring that bell.
Carry on like that, and you’ll be (the) talk of all the town.
With a realin’ and a rockin’, bring the whole house down.
Nanu Nanu - you’re gonna rock the whole world tonight.

Well you dance with a grace,
And you move like a spinnin’ top.
When the band steps it up and you shimmy around,
We'll all be rockin’ and a boppin’ and a droppin’.

Nanu Nanu are you comin’ out tonight?
Well the band is a swingin’ and the moon is shinin' bright.
Come on pretty baby give me one last chance,
Not looking for romance just lookin’ for a dance.

Nanu Nanu - won’t you come on out tonight?
Nanu Nanu - won’t you come on out tonight?
Nanu Nanu - won’t you come on out tonight?

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Track 5 - Eh! Eh! Alright! Calm Down!

My Scouser friend, Phillip Kennedy, is a wonderful human being. When I was in hospital many years ago, he was the only person from work to visit me. I’ll never forget that. A mutual friend of Peter Rutins, Phill is also a fly fisherman with whom I love to go fishing. When we do, we always raise a glass lunchtime in the pub to Peter.

Eh! Eh! Alright! Calm down! Calm down! was recorded through two condenser microphones using my Raimundo Spanish classical guitar, I bought over 40 years ago in Clays, Broad Street, Birmingham.

Track 6 - Mary Annie's Song

This song is for my late mother, Mary Annie. She always thought her name was Mary Ann, until we got her birth certificate out for some reason! Of course, she was lovely - she was my mom after all (we call our mothers 'mom' in the Black Country, not 'mum').
She was in the Land Army during the war and after the 'The Land Girls' was filmed with some quite bawdy scenes, mom was very quick to point out that 'none of that went on where she worked'! Her maiden name was Mary Whitehouse, before marrying my father to become Mary Skidmore. What a curse that name would have been to stick with (for those of you who are younger, Mary Whitehouse (not my mom I hasten to add) was a lady who kept trying to censor all kinds of films and TV programs during the 60's and 70's).
Anyway, back to my lovely mother - we (my wife and two daughters) always used to have a lot of fun with my parents. Mom used to play the keyboard, a bit like Les Dawson (another character younger people may not recognise. But put it this way - he always made mistakes whist playing the piano). So we'd have to promise mom we wouldn't laugh if she played to us. Never the less, after a few bars of her playing and twice as many wrong notes, we would be in hysterics. Then our younger daughter, Holly, would go over and press one of the "automatic song" buttons and throw mom right off.
Finally, my mom's Sunday dinners were legendary, for all kinds of reasons. They were amazing when I was younger, but then unfortunately she discovered the microwave and tings started to decline from then on. Her lovely 2 hour steamed treacle sponge pudding became a 5 minute Quatermass affair.
But all aside, we all loved her dearly.

Recorded using my Martin OM Aura guitar.
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Track 7 - Wedding Guitars

This song was originally written and recorded for a young couple who wanted some acoustic/slide guitar music for their wedding. I was happy to do this for them, releasing it later as a single.
So it's a bit of an oddball track in as much as it wasn't written for a specific friend or family member, as all the other tracks are.
I had a bit of a think and decided I'd like to dedicate it to all the beautiful brides throughout the world and for the love and joy they bestow upon us lucky husbands.

For this track I used my Martin OM Aura guitar and National resonator.

Track 8 - Sammi's Song

Well, Sammi is not just a dear friend of mine - and my musical partner in the duo Bukechi, she is also a dear friend of all my family. In fact, I would say she is both Friends & Family. I met Sammi about 23 years ago when we both worked at 'Rover Group'. We shared one single desk with two computers on, testing some new software. We hit it off immediately, with music and our sense of humour in common.
It was some time after that, we actually got together to form Bukechi (initially known as 'Hush'), performing covers with Sammi's beautiful voice and myself playing acoustic guitar. After performing on BBC radio Coventry & Warwickshire on Vic Minett's 'Introducing' show, she encouraged us to write our own material. This we did and eventually released our album 'Welcome to Suburbia' see here…
After having her second child, we do not gig together as much, but we still perform on occasion and release the odd video.

I used my Martin OM Aura guitar for this song.
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Track 9 - Prince Caleb

What can I say? Currently my one and only grandchild, Caleb at the time of this album's release, is 16 months old and absolutely gorgeous. I don't think we realised how much a grandchild would impact our lives and although the COVID pandemic has reduced the amount of times we have seen him, we enjoy lovely FaceTime breakfasts with him. It is so much fun to meet up with him 'in person' and try to connect his grandparents on FaceTime with us in the flesh.
Like his mum (see Tish Tosh Tash below), he was born around one month early and although starting off quite small, he has a huge personality and we think (perhaps we're biased), he is very clever like his parents.

Using my Martin OM Aura guitar, I wanted it to sound like a Djagno Rheinardt gypsy guitar and I was quite pleased with the resulting sound.

Track 10 - Tish Tosh Tash

Natasha is our first daughter - Holly being our other. I always tell Holly that Natasha is more beautiful, because she takes after me. So in conversation, Natasha is "my" daughter and Holly is my wife's. They of course know, I have no favourites. You may ask where is Holly's song? I have written and recorded it already, but will be included in Friends & Family Volume 2.
Natasha is a Solicitor and a brilliant mother (see Prince Caleb Track 9), but also has a beautiful voice. She recorded an EP called "Anatasha" released during her university years and had a reasonable degree of success with video played on some music TV channels and music played on national radio stations.
Natasha used to come fly fishing with me and upon catching a rather nice rainbow trout when she was about 8 years old, I sent off a photo to a fly fishing magazine. They published the photo and a few weeks later, we received a letter from an IBM Director in the USA. We shared surnames and he sent a very nice letter and we have been friends ever since. In fact we met up for a fishing outing in Hampshire a few years later.
Natasha now lives in Leeds with her young family, so we don't see her as much as we'd like, but FaceTime is a wonderful facility and fills the gaps in between visits.

Again I used my trusty Martin OM Aura guitar.
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Track 11 - Jumpin' George

Sadly, George left us 5 weeks after the release of his song, with which he was very proud. He has gone to fly fish in the sky, with the greats such as G.E.M. Skues and Frederick Halford. RIP George - you will be greatly missed.

George, on the day of release of Friends & Family, shares his birthday with me. However, we don't share the same birth year! So congratulations to George who was 98 on the release of this album.
George, who is my sister-in-law's "uncle in-law" (if you can follow that!) and I are both fly fishermen, so a trip was arranged to fish Avington in Winchester. Well, we hit it off immediately and have been great friends ever since. Unfortunately, George lives in North Wales, so meeting him in person is not as often as we would like.
However, we have had some great sorties including a week's salmon fishing in Northern Ireland and many trips to North Wales, fishing some beautiful lakes for Rainbow Trout.
On another fishing holiday, we stayed at a wonderful converted barn in Cornwall. The weather wasn't perfect for salmon fishing, but George and I have the same love of whisky. So although only one salmon was caught, it was not a wasted week in terms of tasting "the water of life".

The Martin OM Aura guitar. Once again was employed.

Track 12 - Lotus Flower

I wrote and recorded this song for a very special person who is sadly longer with us. She added something extra special to everyone's lives who had the fortune and honour to know her. A very private person, out of respect, I do not mention her name here. But for those who knew her, which includes my extended family, she is greatly missed and very much held in loving memory.

Recorded using my Raimundo Spanish classical guitar.
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All songs were recorded using Logic Pro and mixed & mastered by my amazing friend, Mr Paul Hogg, aka the Ox. Without Paul Hogg, my songs would only sound 25% of what they finally end up. With his magic of mixing & mastering, I am deeply indebted, as I am indebted for his wonderful friendship.
I would also like to thank Hannah Tobin and Andrew James for adding superb keyboards and drums respectively on the song Nanu Nanu. With Hannah and Andrew’s musicianship and Paul’s musical engineering talents, the song would not have been complete.
I really hope you like Friends & Family. Please let me know what you think on social media or via my website's Contact page. So until Volume 2, take care and be safe!

Skidders aka Steve Skidmore