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"Of all my rock instrumentals, I feel this is my finest composition and performance. I truly hope you will like the song as much as I have enjoyed creating it."

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…for checking out the 'Aunty Bulgaria' single page. Release date 15th January 2022, the single will appear on the 'Friends & Family Vol. 2' album, due for release 4th May 2022, one year after the first 'Friends & Family' album.
I wrote the song for a lovely friend of ours, Aneta.

She is great fun, "Fun" being her middle name! As you might guess, she is Bulgarian and works for the NHS as a Paediatric Nurse Consultant. She also has her own practise helping infants with allergies.

Aneta loves the finer things in life - champagne, oysters and the like. We love meeting up with her, as we know we're always going to have a crazy good time. So there was no way I wasn't going to dedicate a song for her. And knowing she's a bit of a rocker, I thought this song would fit the bill. Like the rest of the NHS, she has our utmost respect and gratitude for the hard work carried out for society.

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We were in Cannes, eating oysters when these dancers came along the street and you can see how quickly Aneta got up to join in with them!



I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to Paul Hogg, yet again mixing and mastering my songs to make them sound 500% better than the originals. He's a brilliant Sound Engineer as well as a brilliant friend.

All songs were recorded using Logic Pro with my 50th Anniversary Stratocaster. The Logic Project was then sent over to Paul Hogg (aka the Ox) for his magical mixing and mastering. After one listen, and one minor adjustment, version 2 was ready to be published, via CD Baby.
I really hope you like Aunty Bulgaria. Please let me know what you think on social media or via my website's Contact page. So until Volume 2, take care and be safe!

Skidders aka Steve Skidmore

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